Lots of changes over the past couple of years:

… a crazy spiritual overhaul in my little brain …

… followed by upheaval in my writing life …

… followed by a tectonic shift in my personal life …

My personal blog was then stalked, and after I took a hiatus due to all the above change, it was hacked by not just one, but two slimy unknowns!

But now, oh so slowly, I’m getting my life back in order. As time permits I’ll be re-publishing the old posts I managed to salvage thanks to Google (yes, it will surely take over the world some day but in the meantime I’m ever so grateful). Most of the posted pictures were lost, but since it’s the text that mattered I’m trying to keep it all in perspective and be thankful for what I do still have!

April 2013


Home page header image from Flickr.

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