setting intention (part 3)

I used to be a smoker.Not that I ever called myself that at the time, not even when I went through 4 packs a week. “They’re ultra-light cigarettes.” “Only when I have a few drinks.” “Only after work.” “Only when I’m stressed.” “Only once the baby’s finally asleep for the night.” Ultimately it didn’t matter […]

theta healing (part 1)

A week and a half ago I drove down to Beaufort, SC to participate in a theta healing session with a nice lady by the name of Cheryl Mansson. It was my attempt to help me tease out this expanding connection to myself and to the universe around me.My personal, take-home understanding of the theta […]

inventory your gifts

I had the following message this morning: “By using love instead of control one can unite the world, starting with yourself & treating others patiently & gently as Christ did. Swindling your gifts is an affront to God by denying your divine treasure. Start by providing an opportunity for others to share their gifts as […]

trying to open my mind

Earlier this week I was attempting to quiet my thoughts and open my mind. I felt particularly “tight”, and like I wasn’t making any headway (haHA!), when I was compelled to pull three cards on the issue. Queen of Cups [Tarot of the Magical Forest] I. The Magician [Legacy of the Divine] Queen of Swords […]

I own my High Road

“We remind you that every soul of every realm of consciousness exists as master of its own destiny at the individual level, and as a vibrationally attuned co-creator of the collective experience.” ~~~ The Great Shift, ~p. 195 I love this statement. This is a solid reminder to me that I control my destiny, and nothing […]

the Church as a Pitstop

“… A fundamental aspect of [Jesus’] teaching was that you don’t need to go to the temple or church — because he/she won’t hear you — because where you are heard is in the most inner part. When you speak with intention, things move. You can move the world.” ~~~ The Great Shift, ~p. 95 My […]

Roll Away Your Stone

My current favorite band is Mumford & Sons… I’m doing my best to share them with a couple of my all-time favorite peeps, every chance I get. And my all-time best, most introspective of their songs is “Roll Away Your Stone”: Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine. Together we can see what we […]