Coloring despite the lines

So I’m stuck right now with expanding upon the second act of my WIP. I need more twists, but coming up with plausible events that seem to appear out of nowhere for the reader is tough enough. Mapping it out, starting with one stepping stone before expanding to five, ten, ideas for how to make […]

Story mirrors Life

A good story is about change: a character changing to overcome a difficult situation. It doesn’t matter who the main character is (could be the girl next door; a single-mom baker next to city hall; a sim lab instructor at a medical university; a marine mechanic for the county park system), as long the character […]

Act II: more keeper than scrapper?!

My 2013 New Year’s resolution / project was to focus on a writing project — revision, specifically, since my creative spark remains a barely-glowing ember after the past couple of years. On January 1st I pulled my very first draft of my very first completed novel from its cobwebby e-shelf to run it through the […]

my moon, my now

The Moon card has been popping up for me everywhere these past few days. What on Earth (haHa!) is it trying to tell me? knight of swords // 9 of cups // the hanged man XII Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest The knight in this card is running off to the left, his sword […]

creation is Divine

I had a bit of an epiphany some time ago, about our purpose for existing. Not just mine, but all of ours. Not just humans, but everyone and everything in the universe. If we all come from One Divine Creator who created us from nothing — for the sake of creation itself, and for living and […]

where’s my $%*@ muse?!

I don’ t know about any of y’all, but my muse seems to have up and deserted me. Since October, actually. She must have gotten tweaked at the mere suggestion that she wasn’t pulling her weight with this whole writing thing. So my first assignment apparently is to prove her existence. Followed shortly thereafter by […]

kickstarting the muse

I’m finally thinking about writing again. Still no clue what *about*, but it’s comforting nonetheless. As I slashed and burned through Silent Chances last summer (a.k.a. HTRYN* Lessons 14-17), I really struggled with my plot and figuring out the motivations and timelines of three major characters. Finally, I’d had enough. By that point I was […]