trying to open my mind

Earlier this week I was attempting to quiet my thoughts and open my mind. I felt particularly “tight”, and like I wasn’t making any headway (haHA!), when I was compelled to pull three cards on the issue. Queen of Cups [Tarot of the Magical Forest] I. The Magician [Legacy of the Divine] Queen of Swords […]

my moon, my now

The Moon card has been popping up for me everywhere these past few days. What on Earth (haHa!) is it trying to tell me? knight of swords // 9 of cups // the hanged man XII Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest The knight in this card is running off to the left, his sword […]

that scary Tarot

I love my cards. The pictures, and the sudden flashes of understanding and intuition. More ah-ha! moments would be nice, of course… but that will come with time and practice and experience. I’ll get there. So, why does it feel like a waste of time when I do readings? It’s like I’m thumbing my nose […]

Turkey Day dealings

Continuing with the fun commentaries my Housewives Tarot is providing, I asked about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Among some interesting reflections, the final outcome card was the 2 of Swords. While very often this indicates a decision to be made (as it might in this particular reading), I got a kick out of this particular […]

tarot info overflow

It’s coming out of my ears, there’s so much stuck in my head. Have you ever immersed yourself so completely in something that you dream it, speak it, and maybe even hallucinate it? Well, that’s about where I am (except for the hallucinating. That would call for some serious medications, I do believe). You see, […]

Aces: stem cells of the tarot

Unless you’ve been living under a shell (which I’m often accused of, but this crossed my desk so I’m actually given money to pay attention), you’ve heard about this week’s “stop order“ on federally funded research involving human embryonic stem cells. It just blows my mind how we can have this engine for potential at our […]