spiritual knee pads

That’s right, folks — today’s the day! No matter if you believe in heaven or hell, angels or ghosts, the power of love or the power of material things… for several thousand years, **TODAY** has been marked as the End of Days. Duh duh ddddduuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!! … per the Mayan calendar, that is. So, whether the […]

inventory your gifts

I had the following message this morning: “By using love instead of control one can unite the world, starting with yourself & treating others patiently & gently as Christ did. Swindling your gifts is an affront to God by denying your divine treasure. Start by providing an opportunity for others to share their gifts as […]

the Church as a Pitstop

“… A fundamental aspect of [Jesus’] teaching was that you don’t need to go to the temple or church — because he/she won’t hear you — because where you are heard is in the most inner part. When you speak with intention, things move. You can move the world.” ~~~ The Great Shift, ~p. 95 My […]

Roll Away Your Stone

My current favorite band is Mumford & Sons… I’m doing my best to share them with a couple of my all-time favorite peeps, every chance I get. And my all-time best, most introspective of their songs is “Roll Away Your Stone”: Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine. Together we can see what we […]

the Word as Blueprint


Just before Christmas our adult Sunday School class was discussing the Gospel of John. The discussion leader mentioned something that’s been on my mind ever since. His example, from the beginning of the Gospel: The Deity of Jesus Christ (John 1 verse 1-5) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, […]

that scary Tarot

I love my cards. The pictures, and the sudden flashes of understanding and intuition. More ah-ha! moments would be nice, of course… but that will come with time and practice and experience. I’ll get there. So, why does it feel like a waste of time when I do readings? It’s like I’m thumbing my nose […]

congreve cube

A friend encouraged me to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007) recently. I added it to my Netflix queue and forgot about it, but when I noticed it playing on TV, I DVR’d it for a rainy day movie. Not long afterwards, I curled up in bed with the 4yo, thinking she’d be glued to […]

open your window

If a tarot reader wants to take money from unsuspecting victims, he or she can do that by saying whatever they think will serve their purpose. That’s one way the cards developed such a bad rap. If a mega-church pastor wants to rope in weak and lost little sheep-people with the sole purpose of emptying […]

are we alone?

I know this is way out off base from my usual topic, but, seeing as I used to be obsessed with being an astronaut when I grew up (all the way until I took my first physics class in college and *hated* the teacher and couldn’t understand the any of the teaching assistants)… bear with […]