Coloring despite the lines

So I’m stuck right now with expanding upon the second act of my WIP. I need more twists, but coming up with plausible events that seem to appear out of nowhere for the reader is tough enough.

Mapping it out, starting with one stepping stone before expanding to five, ten, ideas for how to make it to that stone, would help immensely? If I could just give myself permission to be INSANE, then I bet I’d find my way. No one has to see the paper, and none of the ideas have to be good. But the process of laying them down always surprises me.

The most interesting stories have elements that come out of left field, tied in later so that they make sense.

Brainstorm and color

The prettiest pictures are those with color, inside or outside the lines. Coloring books only have black and white outlines — it’s the customization by the child with the vivid and solid and patterns that makes them so special to the parent who displays their masterpiece on the fridge.

What about those with the pink hair and red eyes and blue grass and violet sky? They’re not only beautiful, but remarkable. And in addition to being pretty, they’re also the ones to spark discussion about human perception.

So the crazy ideas might just be the best, you say?

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