Story mirrors Life

A good story is about change: a character changing to overcome a difficult situation.

It doesn’t matter who the main character is (could be the girl next door; a single-mom baker next to city hall; a sim lab instructor at a medical university; a marine mechanic for the county park system), as long the character takes steps to change their situation and regain control of their life.

A story exists.

The very goal of our own life, in real time

We’re here to experience something on this planet we couldn’t gain so easily elsewhere, and to take advantage of that we must make choices that move us from Point A to Point B. Physically or emotionally… and my money is on the emotional or Spiritual aspect being the most important. We read stories to learn how others react in difficult situations. If we’re lucky, we can absorb their lessons and — with the most captivating scenarios — we incorporate them into our own lives.

(Not saying here that I’m gonna start packing in case I’m the only thing standing between a crazy man and his goal to stage a coup. But there is value in standing up for the people I love regardless of their understanding or acknowledgement. It’s better to put myself on the line in sacrifice for another.)

These are the kind of stories I love, and characters I admire.

Our purpose in being here is to experience this life, take control of it, and guide it through choices we make to create this special time we have.

Stories are lives, and lessons are offered in all of them. Lessons, perhaps, in how not to react, but of course the most powerful stories depict powerful choices and powerful changes.

I want to give this.

I’ve had my share of heartbreak and drama the past couple of years, and while I never wanted it and certainly don’t want to relive it, I have a new perspective on people and life that I would be foolish not to share with others. My writing most likely won’t win awards, but if only one person can learn something from the experience then it will be a success.

Making a living with my words would be nice, but we live in a time when words are fluid and free and roar around our closed eyes so perhaps my goal can be to find the one person peeking through to discover what else there may be in this fantastic life they are scared of seeing.

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