Meet my… Joie de Vivre Tarot!

Christmas came early!I was tearing through a few boxes from last evening when I discovered a dear friend gifted me with my very own “Joie de Vivre Tarot” deck. The cards feature lovely, joyous creatures resembling Alice In Wonderland fairies dressed in Victorian garb, all in muted pastels, and all with smiles and looking to share the love they clearly feel in their hearts. Even the more “negative” cards feel gentle and open to exploration.Artist: Paulina Cassidy (artist’s site)
ISBN-10: 1572816627
ISBN-13: 978-1572816626
Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.9 x 1.3 inches

The type of energy the new deck embodies // King of Coins

The figure in this card is a rabbit standing tall in front of his kingdom. He stands with a sunflower staff and holds a blooming flower in his right hand, and a heart is carved into the floor at his feet. A pocket watch dangles from a stuffed waistcoat pocket. Flowers bloom to either side and ripe grapes dangle overhead. He is the master of his world, and comfortable in his leadership role.

With this card in mind, I expect this deck to embody an energy of firm, steadfast control, not too hurried and not prone to rash comments. This will be a comforting deck for me, particularly when I need calming and a well-reasoned response.

The type of questions the new deck is particularly interested in // Six of Swords

Oh my.

I never cared for this card until I saw it in the Tarot of the Sidhe deck, and since then I’ve had a whole new perspective about it. I now see this card as representing moving on… not necessarily from hard situations to better ones, but always moving with the help and support and guidance of our most beloved Guides. Initially the Dreamer Six card in the Sidhe deck surprised me, because I’d never really thought of our experiences that way before. Now I know that our Guides — Angels, if you will — are always with us and always helping, no matter how much or how little we are aware of them. Of course, if we are aware and open to accepting their help, we can only benefit from their wisdom and guidance.

All that said… this card in the Joie de Vivre deck depicts a woman sitting across a swan’s back while it carries her from the shore and into the setting sun. She is transitioning from one phase of life to another. The unknown is certainly scary, but change is integral to our lives and opens us to new experiences. In this reading, the card in this position tells me to depend on this deck when I have questions about change in my life.

Paired with the King of Coin’s slow and methodical energy, it tells me that the advice the deck will offer will help me plan my changes throughout life. Always welcome to this here organization lover!

The emotional tone of the deck // Three of Wands

“Moving on – you better hurry if you expect to keep up with me!”

The figure looks to me like she’s floating away, excited to be moving on to bigger and different opportunities… but her head is turned back around as far as it can go, and she’s looking directly at me with a happy clown-grin and inviting eyes. Three birds fly around her, and I’m drawn to a tiny pumpkin fixed to clips in her hair. It’s a lighthearted touch that tells me she likes to have fun. I’m also drawn to a clock on the ground below her, a reminder that time is of an essence.

Whatever decisions must be made, or opportunities in the works, this deck does not encourage delays. Interesting, combined with the methodical King of Coins as the energy… fiery emotion mixed with organized energy.

What the new deck expects from me // Queen of Coins

Hee hee – how “interesting”!

The figure in this card is an insect of some sorts, with six limbs and a woman’s head. She cradles an orb that reminds me of a spider’s web with a heart decorating the outside. She rests her swollen abdomen on a toadstool while petting a rabbit-hyena companion. She is calm, collected, and secure in her knowledge that all is as it should be.

This position indicates that I am bring a sense of calm and collected rationality to my readings, maintaining my sense of order and remembering that I am the gentle ruler of my own world, no matter what else goes on around me.

Sounds like this is going to be an excellent planning deck for me!

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