spiritual knee pads

That’s right, folks — today’s the day! No matter if you believe in heaven or hell, angels or ghosts, the power of love or the power of material things… for several thousand years, **TODAY** has been marked as the End of Days.

Duh duh ddddduuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!

… per the Mayan calendar, that is.

So, whether the sky falls on our heads at noon, or the earth does a jig under our feet as she passes into the next phase of her life; if crazed lunatics in offices around the country try to tell one more person how to be happy, or a pack of rabid rainbow butterflies swarms across Texas in a “Take Back the Environment” demonstration…

… perhaps — juuuuussst perhaps — we could each of us take a moment to kneel down and say a little prayer of thanks for this life. For the air we breathe. For the beautiful sunrise and the precious sunset that means another irreplaceable day has come and gone.

Smile at a stranger.

Pick up a piece of trash instead of step over it.

It’s easy. And if we all say a little prayer today — this glorious October 28th, 2011 — it will be just as simple to do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.

It’s okay if you’re out of practice of being grateful for the simple things. Just pull on some kneepads, and say a little prayer.

It gets easier.

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