theta healing (part 1)

A week and a half ago I drove down to Beaufort, SC to participate in a theta healing session with a nice lady by the name of Cheryl Mansson. It was my attempt to help me tease out this expanding connection to myself and to the universe around me.My personal, take-home understanding of the theta healing process from the session is that, when a person sets their intent to make a change in his or her life — and asks God to help — the change is instantaneous. However, because we are fallible human beings with our faults, our learned behaviors, and our colored pasts that shade our futures, any change that is possible is naturally affected and directed by our reaction to what has gone before us.

So, choosing to make the change — or “setting our intention” — is 75% of the event. The final 25% is the person’s conscious behavioral change.

Cheryl says that Nature’s transformation upon our setting the intention is immediate. Her role in the theta healing session is to connect to the person on a deeper energetic level, and observe the resulting response to provide an opportunity for feedback and dialogue.

Nature — or God, Spirit, the Divine, the Universe… whatever you feel comfortable calling it — follows rightness.

It is how we all want to be. It is how we all came into this world… but it is not how we all learned to live.

I’m thinking I’m at about 85% of where I need to be. I’m a “forever” work-in-progress, and the last 15% may take the rest of my life, but any step forward is one in the right direction.

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