my Dream vs Reality (part 2)

The night after I scheduled my theta healing session, I had the most amazing dream. What made it even more remarkable is that I remembered it upon waking, and managed to write it out in vivid (for me) detail… Rather than boring you with the particulars, I wanted to share some of the similarities by posting excerpts from my dream journal, then compare them with the “real deal”.Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.So, getting right down to it, in my dream I’m attending a session with Cheryl (though I’d not yet met her, nor had any clue what “theta healing” really meant):

… This session is in a two-story building, the interior of which is spartan, modern, glass and both aluminum and dark metal trim. Very austere, but I don’t have a bad feeling from it. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable (except the chairs, which are all art nouveau with mismatched backs made of glass and metal angles).

… [I am] directed up a front staircase and [enter from my right] a big conference room with a long polished wood table in the middle.

In reality, Cheryl’s directions to her studio / retreat took me to Seabrook, SC, right outside of Beaufort. I pulled into a small gravel lot between a shingled round house and an aluminum-sided garage. After a few calming breaths, I slid out from my gas-guzzler into the humid summer air tinged with sun-baked pluff mud. A glimpse of sparkling water expanded into a full view of the inlet and marsh across a green lawn.

Ahhh… the taste of tranquility.

The garage-turned-studio entrance opened onto the back lawn, and I let myself in per the directions. A project table covered with boxes of art supplies and stacks of magazines for Cheryl’s soul collage practice is pushed up against the left wall of the room. Wooden block letters across the back wall spelled out “SPIRIT”.

After scanning the corner bookshelves (what can I say – I’m a bibliophile!!), I set my bag down next to one of two chairs draped with blankets and pillows facing each other in the middle of the room, turned around to face the way I’d come in…

The entire right wall [of the conference room] is a window, and we’re on the second floor. Nothing about the outside scene jumps out at me, it’s almost hazy-cloudy like humidity or rain (but it’s sunny out, not dark light).

Sitting at the table are about five people, all scattered around with empty chairs to either side and between them. The closest end of the table is vacant — for the counselor … I sit at the opposite end (the window-wall to my left). … A coffee counter is behind us.

… and recognized my dream from six days earlier.

The entire wall to the right of the entrance framed a panoramic view of the marsh inlet through three glass panes that reached all the way to the ceiling. Another project table (easily seating 6-8 folks) ran the length of the glass wall.

At the far end was a smaller table – maybe half the size of the first two — pushed up against the wall.

The afternoon sunlight streaming in through the windows and across the walls shimmered with reflections from the marsh at the lawn’s edge.

The session begins. The atmosphere around the table is one of comfortable friends and/or camaraderie, and I feel fine. Cheryl … sits at the other end and starts the introductions by saying that each person there is accompanied by one or two partnering discarnates who are sitting in the “empty” chairs. … I cannot see or hear them, but it’s apparent that everyone else can, as they go around the table introducing each other and holding one-sided conversations with a lot of smiles and jokes and laughter.

… I scoot out of my chair to get some water at the coffee counter right behind us, and while I’m looking away I hear another comment / introduction in a deeper voice, and I sense a change. When I turn around, all the chairs are now full and I can hear everyone and everything! No one in particular jumps out at me, though I can still picture a man with a **full** head of curly auburn hair sitting at the end of the table near Cheryl.

I … am delighted. How did that happen? What was the “switch” that flipped when I turned away for a moment to get water?

I sense in this dream a promise of how things can be in the future – folks and their Guides/Angels/intuition/what-have-you working together in regular situations, casually interacting with each other, and accepted.


In case you missed it, these similarities took my breath away:

  • aluminum & glass building in which the session took place
  • one wall of the room of glass
    • white light from outside illuminating the room
  • conference table
    • to the right of the entrance
    • ran parallel to the window
  • coffee bar (dream) vs. small project table
    • perpendicular to conference table
  • Guides surrounding and aiding us, every step of the way?

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