insomnia at the crossroads

You know that ol’ story about God talking to Moses from a burning bush? That conversation wasn’t the turning point that set Moses’ life spinning… but it sure didn’t help matters any. The man was raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter! He had the world at his feet, and instead he decided to take the hard, high road and do his darndest to save his own pesky, beloved people.As soon as he consciously identified with them, Moses knew in his innermost being whose side he needed to take.

You think he might’ve had just a **couple** sleepless nights?

How about the disciples, huddled together in fear and confusion after Jesus was buried? Their every moment was spent studying the faces passing by while searching their own souls for direction. They had families to feed and shelter. Their friends and enemies alike would soon analyze each and every word. Action. Their dearest friend and teacher had been brutally murdered by the government for teaching love and a new way of Being regardless of common laws and accepted beliefs.

Chalk up another few more sleepless nights for Thomas, on top of the rest, for failing to believe the truth in his heart.

Why was that?

More importantly, would I have done any differently?

What if it turns out that God isn’t the old man on the cloud, but a simple bird in your backyard, pointing the way along a path of hardship to a final Oasis? Do you trust now and take that leap of faith, stepping out onto that rock-strewn road? Or do you hunker down and pray for something better to offer itself?

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