Meet… my Tarot of the Sidhe deck

I’ll be honest. I was rather ‘put off’ by this deck when I first started seeing cards pop up online.

Each picture leaps from the page with an ‘in your face’ message in wildly vivid colors, in sharp contrast to my spacious Sun & Moon deck. But when I saw the Dreamer Six (6 of swords) card on the Tarot Elements Facebook fan page, something clicked and a little bell started to go off in the back of my mind. And then the deck creator was interviewed on Beyond Worlds, and I knew I was supposed to have this. (You can check out the gallery for yourself here.)

Some little Birdies mentioned this to a dear friend of mine, and she beat me to the punch by gifting the deck to me.

I’ve only used it a few times so far… I had grand plans of studying each card while reading through the accompanying book, but I couldn’t do it. No real surprise there. So I’ll just dive in and try to remember that I’m still getting used to the cards — and they, to me.

That said, I adore this deck.

It’s larger than I’m used to (not that I have much to compare it to as this is only my 6th deck), and while it’s easy to shuffle like playing cards, I’m struggling to shuffle them from one hand into the other. I imagine it will get easier once the deck loosens up with use. But each card is a work of art, and less traditional meanings are embedded in each one. This deck is going to be a good teacher to this intermediate reader.

I did a basic 4-card ‘intro’ spread first, to get a feel for it, that I found at The Tarot Room:

  1. to represent the type of energy the new deck embodies // Maker King (KP)
  2. to indicate the type of questions the new deck is particularly interested in // Warrior Eight (8W)
  3. describes the emotional tone of the deck // XIII Death
  4. what the new deck expects from me // Dancer Nine (9C)

no holds barred with this one

Yup. Pretty much what I expected.

This deck’s energy will be commanding, calm and precise. It will work hard and diligently to provide the answers I seek, digging deep and utilizing its own strengths to offer works of beauty while still being useful.

Of course I expect to be drawing on this deck when working on a collaborative project with my friend, so I thought it was funny that the ‘DragonFlight’ card popped up in position #2. It’s one of power, fast-moving energy, fearlessness and not shying away from any truths. I see this as reflecting questions that deal with conflict, aggression, and when looking to regain or maintain control in my life.

While no one can blame me for getting rattled when I pull the Death card just before boarding an airplane (!) overall this card is merely one of change. Drastic, yes, with a tone of finality. It’ll help me move on to bigger and better things, not forgetting what has gone before but moving forward with sure steps to the next leg of the journey. The image in this card reminds me that death is only one phase of Life, by serving as a portal to the next world.

This is a very serious deck, with very serious messages to offer if I’m open to them. It’s all about spiritual awakenings.

And last, but not least … awwww! … trust in return is expected. In the deck’s responses, in my own reactions, in my questions and my intuitive reactions. No fear, hesitation, doubt, or distrust. No ma’am. The 8C’s uncertainty of making a change, leaving one situation for an unknown (the story of my life, these days!) leads to satisfaction in the decision, and joy.

Yes’m. Faith and trust.

Coming right up!

Tarot of the Sidhe
Author: Emily Carding
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 978-0764335990

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