I own my High Road

“We remind you that every soul of every realm of consciousness exists as master of its own destiny at the individual level, and as a vibrationally attuned co-creator of the collective experience.”
~~~ The Great Shift, ~p. 195

I love this statement. This is a solid reminder to me that I control my destiny, and nothing is pre-determined. Sure, there are some choices that would be better for me to make than others. I might feel a sense of urging to make one choice over another… perhaps a solid kick in the pants when I’m being particularly dense.

If I’m lucky I make the right decision. But even when I don’t, there’s always another fork in the road ahead. One that will lead me back to the right road. The high road.

And that road? It goes up. Sometimes it’s freaking hard to keep going. It’s tough on the knees, and the feet get sore. My neck gets tired from craning up to see where I’m going.

But I hear that the view at the top is spectacular!

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