that scary Tarot

I love my cards. The pictures, and the sudden flashes of understanding and intuition. More ah-ha! moments would be nice, of course… but that will come with time and practice and experience. I’ll get there.

So, why does it feel like a waste of time when I do readings? It’s like I’m thumbing my nose at the common sense we’re all blessed with.

But, if I have Angels with me every moment of every day, with the sole purpose of Guiding me and helping me be the best person I can, and to make the right decisions in life and learn the lesson(s) I’m here to learn… then wouldn’t They want to take — and celebrate taking — every possible opportunity to communicate with me? Even if it’s just with a stack of picture cards.

We bury our kids under flash cards of numbers and letters for the sake of Enrichment, but we’re afraid to sneak a peek every once in a while at some pictures depicting archetypal reflections of Ourselves?

Silly humans

Why are people scared of the Tarot? What is scary to them about it?

justice VIII // the empress III // 4 of discs

The Tarot embodies fairness, unemotionally and without investiture. No matter the subject (love, career, family, spirituality) it will offer the truth after weighing the options and responses evenly… It’s up to the interpreter to be fair in his/her own reasoning and reaction to translate the cards truthfully. It is nurturing, and connects with nature in a creative, healthy way and encourages personal growth and outreach to others in a loving manner. It often manages to create something from bits and pieces (at times, from nothing whatsoever). The hard work we invest will provide a sense of security and power to move forward on our path.

Okay, so here’s another lesson for me about Tarot if I’m willing to see all sides of it…

My question was about wanting to know what is scary to people, so I could help refute that. But did I really have that question in mind when I drew the cards? All three are positive — to me — and support the strength and accessibility of Tarot.

So is the mistake mine, by not being intentional with my questions? Or is this really what people are scared of? Goodness, why on earth would folks be scared of having a deck of picture cards on hand that will reflect honest and just outcomes or options to use throughout their day. God forbid we enjoy lives of happiness, nurturing, creativity, and ultimately ones in which we take power into our own life.

:shakes head:

People can be so SILLY sometimes!

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