creation is Divine

I had a bit of an epiphany some time ago, about our purpose for existing. Not just mine, but all of ours. Not just humans, but everyone and everything in the universe.

If we all come from One Divine Creator who created us from nothing — for the sake of creation itself, and for living and loving each other — then it stands to reason that the most precious method of worship, to serve each other and our Light, is to create.

Let our Light so shine

It doesn’t matter what. We are able to create so many things: words, scents, paintings on a canvas, scribbles on a post-it note. Recipes, those magical combinations of foods and spices to make fuel-turned-heaven. Music, of all genres.

That’s what creation is: making something out of nothing, or rearranging pieces into something greater than their parts. I mean, whoever came up with the idea of shaving a sheep and using its fur to make a sweater? What about using the by-product of a worm to spin a gorgeous kimono? Crushing and boiling plant leaves to come up with a rich bluish-purple. And if you’ve ever dyed Easter eggs at home, you well know the soft color that comes from onion skins.

Everyone has an artist inside. Politicians and lawyers create art with words. Teachers create ideas in a child’s head. Writers, of course, create whole stories. Painters create realities on a piece of canvas. Chefs create beauty that feeds a body — and mind, if done with that intent.

Perhaps our reason for existence is to create something. Anything. Maybe that’s what makes God happiest. Maybe putting these words *out there* is the reason for me getting up this morning.

“To learn is the same as to teach, unless you are not teaching what you are learning.”

Everything is important in its own right. Recognizing that may be the first step for me, to really appreciate where I am and appreciate others around me. Life can be pretty amazing, when I just take a moment to realize it.

And maybe that’s really why I’m here.

*** What do you find yourself drawn to create? ***

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