celebrate the steps

It’s occurred to me that I *never* celebrate the little victories in my life. Why is that? Is it because they feel so inadequate that I don’t deserve a happy dance? Taking the time out to recognize my little accomplishments feels like a waste of time. Maybe by doing so, I slow myself down. Is it that […]

recognizing your moments

I was chatting with a friend recently about life, our purpose for being here… and his having lived 57 years without ever having experienced “a moment”. Oh, but he has. We all have. Every time he lifts the lid on his charcoal grill and his eyebrows curl from the aromatic steam. When he takes that first […]

my moon, my now

The Moon card has been popping up for me everywhere these past few days. What on Earth (haHa!) is it trying to tell me? knight of swords // 9 of cups // the hanged man XII Deck: Tarot of the Magical Forest The knight in this card is running off to the left, his sword […]

that scary Tarot

I love my cards. The pictures, and the sudden flashes of understanding and intuition. More ah-ha! moments would be nice, of course… but that will come with time and practice and experience. I’ll get there. So, why does it feel like a waste of time when I do readings? It’s like I’m thumbing my nose […]

creation is Divine

I had a bit of an epiphany some time ago, about our purpose for existing. Not just mine, but all of ours. Not just humans, but everyone and everything in the universe. If we all come from One Divine Creator who created us from nothing — for the sake of creation itself, and for living and […]