open your window

If a tarot reader wants to take money from unsuspecting victims, he or she can do that by saying whatever they think will serve their purpose. That’s one way the cards developed such a bad rap.

If a mega-church pastor wants to rope in weak and lost little sheep-people with the sole purpose of emptying their pockets, he will use any means to get to that end. Offering a sense of community and worth is a major benefit to many seeking purpose in life, and empowering that person to publicly affirm their faith is fine with me, too.

If I want to listen to my subconscious — “the little voice in my head”, or Muse, or Guides, what have you — or meditate, or reflect on a Master’s teaching, and then use that information to make informed decisions or act with a little bit more love, does that somehow diminish the means of awareness, because it comes from within?

The power to act with love and patience comes from the heart. We all have that power inside us.

If you could get out of bed each morning, and throw open a window that overlooks a white-sand beach glowing with pink rays of dawn light, wouldn’t that be the first thing you’d do?

That window is inside me. It used to be covered with a heavy tapestry that was oh-so-hard to pull aside. More often than I care to admit, I’d stumble off, eyes half-closed, in search of coffee first… and I wouldn’t always make it back that day to open the window.

That heavy curtain is gone now. In its place is a pretty, gauzy film that can ripple in any ocean breeze that breathes past.

I want to look outside first thing every morning. I want to taste the salty air.

Is your window open?

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