apprentice of serenity

When things get me down, the most important piece of advice I find is that I can’t change the things that worry me:  being alone, being used, a pre-destined future, wanting change but fearing its pain.

But change is within my grasp, if I only have the courage to take those steps to first change my own petty attitude. My life is GOOD. My friends are GOOD. My world is one of Love and Light and I can choose to either build upon it or make it worse.

No more pettiness. No jealousy. Only Love and Acceptance for this girl.

I’m in an apprentice stage at the moment. I can use everything that happens to me now for learning and growing. I’ve absorbed so much, perhaps I need to assimilate it more before proceeding. I have a task to tend to, and by doing so — doing the best job I can possibly do — I will continue learning and will continue growing and will continue ascending and will continue on the path that I chose to take, so long ago.

*** inspired by Donnaleigh’s 2/8/11 speed tarot post ***
9 of swords / 7 of swords / 8 of discs

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