apprentice of serenity

When things get me down, the most important piece of advice I find is that I can’t change the things that worry me:  being alone, being used, a pre-destined future, wanting change but fearing its pain. But change is within my grasp, if I only have the courage to take those steps to first change my […]

congreve cube

A friend encouraged me to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007) recently. I added it to my Netflix queue and forgot about it, but when I noticed it playing on TV, I DVR’d it for a rainy day movie. Not long afterwards, I curled up in bed with the 4yo, thinking she’d be glued to […]

open your window

If a tarot reader wants to take money from unsuspecting victims, he or she can do that by saying whatever they think will serve their purpose. That’s one way the cards developed such a bad rap. If a mega-church pastor wants to rope in weak and lost little sheep-people with the sole purpose of emptying […]