schoolhouse on earth

So… according to The World To Come (1999) by Ruth Montgomery, God is pure light and divine energy, and humans are merely physical manifestations of that Light taking part in the educational experience of “Schoolhouse Earth”.

Humanity is supposed to be our introduction to learning. Our formative years. This is the time for scraped knees and bloody noses, for learning how to play nice with others and share toys and wait in line patiently and to help out frustrated friends when their scissors won’t cut snowflakes just right. It’s the time for us to learn about authority, and that when we talk back to our teacher we get put on “Red”.

The Principal’s Office

After-school suspension gives us time to think about what we did wrong. We write our lines on the chalkboard, and then get sent back to class.

I don’t know about you, but I only made it to the principal’s office once. I was in first grade, and it was wintertime in St. Louis. I had refused to zip up my coat (a recurring habit all the way through high school, much to my mother’s chagrin), and finally my teacher sent me to the office during recess since I couldn’t go out to play. There I stood in my unzipped coat, sulking in the hallway and still refusing to take the simple step of protecting my own self from the elements.

How simple a thing, to zip up my coat, slip my mittens on, and run outside to join my friends!

How simple an act of defiance, and how pointless.

Our Syllabus

Why don’t we remember our purpose for this life? If we design it — pick our parents, and even choose the life we’re going to live for the learning experience alone — why can’t we remember the assignment while we’re in the middle of class? Half of my stress dreams involve me being back in school and being unprepared for a test. I was an A student, but I studied my butt off and always did my homework. Even if I forgot about a test, I was generally up to snuff enough to wing it and come out on top.

It would be so much easier if we knew the reason for this life we’re living.

Is that a secondary lesson we’re here to learn, as well? To improvise, and to tap into that greater strength and knowledge? Maybe that’s our preparation for graduating from Schoolhouse Earth and moving on to the next University…

I can’t wait to see what degrees are offered!

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