are we alone?

I know this is way out off base from my usual topic, but, seeing as I used to be obsessed with being an astronaut when I grew up (all the way until I took my first physics class in college and *hated* the teacher and couldn’t understand the any of the teaching assistants)… bear with […]

never too late

And don’t fear the long road, because on the long road you got a long time to sing a simple song. I’ve been listening to a lot of Michael Franti & Spearhead lately — “Never Too Late” in particular. Michael’s reflections on living the daily life — living in the *now* — are balm to […]

where’s my $%*@ muse?!

I don’ t know about any of y’all, but my muse seems to have up and deserted me. Since October, actually. She must have gotten tweaked at the mere suggestion that she wasn’t pulling her weight with this whole writing thing. So my first assignment apparently is to prove her existence. Followed shortly thereafter by […]

kickstarting the muse

I’m finally thinking about writing again. Still no clue what *about*, but it’s comforting nonetheless. As I slashed and burned through Silent Chances last summer (a.k.a. HTRYN* Lessons 14-17), I really struggled with my plot and figuring out the motivations and timelines of three major characters. Finally, I’d had enough. By that point I was […]

teaching to learn

“Thus, to learn is the same as to teach unless you are not teaching what you are learning; in which case you have done you/them little good.” ~ Ra Material: Law of One (Book One), p74 My favorite college professor was Dr. Carlton Brett. The man would have given Albert Einstein a run for his […]

cleaning our “room”

I so want to make a connection. Find answers to these questions about this life and the next (next”s”?). We’re supposed to have faith in this existence, but it’s hard when we feel alone so often. It makes no sense to hurt others and to take advantage of the world around us, considering all the […]

schoolhouse on earth

So… according to The World To Come (1999) by Ruth Montgomery, God is pure light and divine energy, and humans are merely physical manifestations of that Light taking part in the educational experience of “Schoolhouse Earth”. Humanity is supposed to be our introduction to learning. Our formative years. This is the time for scraped knees […]