our Christmas gift

In the Bible, stories illustrate a closer, more direct relationship between God and humans. That connection faded as technology was developed, governments took control, and Other Things became More Important.

When people were no longer accepting of fantastic displays of burning bushes or divided waters, God sent a Son to grab our attention with a divine message in human form. That form was as a tiny baby, through the unlikely vessel of a virgin mother and under the protection of a man who put his own reputation, career, and life on the line.

What continues to amaze me, is that both did this because of a dream.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who would flip out if a bush next to me burst into flames and a voice boomed from the center?!? I’d be hallucinating. If I saw a ghost in my bedroom? No doubt about it. And if I saw a man walk across the water next to a shrimp boat off the coast, I’d look for the rolling television cameras.

So much for blind faith.

But even if that baby wasn’t actually the human representation or reincarnation — to later become the Earthly voice — of God, the message he offered was still one of love, peace, responsibility, compassion, and mercy for our fellow humans and all living things around us.

Is that ever a bad thing for a person to hear?

Your hackles may rise at just the thought of the atrocities executed in the name of Christianity. I’m right there with you.

You may not believe that Jesus Christ was the human Son, and I am 100% okay with that, too. But, the message He delivered is one that I wish everyone would take to heart, to listen to over and over, and to share. Somehow, in some way, but to take it in, and give it back.

Merry Christmas and Blessed Holidays!

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