at a crossroads

To my right is my misery mystery Silent Chances. To my left?

A shiny new writing project. It’s been composting nicely, and getting to the point where I’ll need to start jotting notes before the ideas all fly off to the dead zone into which my plot bunnies too often disappear.

Left: The Magician // Right: Ace of Wands

Well that makes sense! I have everything I need to proceed with Silent Chances. All the tools I need are right here in hand. It’s just a matter of how I manipulate the elements. I have complete control. The time is now.

The Ace of Wands is the epitome of a new project: full of potential, ideas flying, and with endless possibilities.

What to do?

But, this doesn’t really help my decision — both are desirable options!

… or does it? Maybe this is just the affirmation I needed to spin me around from heading off my true path, and get me back on track, compass in hand.


Note: inspired by Donnaleigh’s Speed Tarot blog post for 12/16/2010

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