our Christmas gift

In the Bible, stories illustrate a closer, more direct relationship between God and humans. That connection faded as technology was developed, governments took control, and Other Things became More Important. When people were no longer accepting of fantastic displays of burning bushes or divided waters, God sent a Son to grab our attention with a […]


Courage is a funny thing. It keeps you warm on those frigid treks across a barren plain while the wind snatches at your scratchy cloak and icy mud squeezes into your worn leather boot as it pulls apart at the seams. It makes you turn your back to the narrow tunnel of briars that will […]

at a crossroads

To my right is my misery mystery Silent Chances. To my left? A shiny new writing project. It’s been composting nicely, and getting to the point where I’ll need to start jotting notes before the ideas all fly off to the dead zone into which my plot bunnies too often disappear. Left: The Magician // […]