Meet… my Housewives Tarot deck

New deck new deck new deck!!!

The Housewives Tarot is just plain fun. I read a quickie review of it online, found it for $12, and ordered it before I thought twice. It comes in a heavy cardboard box like a recipe box, with file dividers splitting the arcana cards apart from each other and the instruction book. The back of each divider is a real recipe that relates to three of the four spreads included in the instruction book.

And speaking of the book… it reminds me of the old timey Boy Scout book my mom had for years, tucked into a nook on the kitchen bookshelf. Same font, same page borders, same smell. Two of the four included spreads put a cute spin on the traditional P-P-F and celtic cross layouts… and I might have to take a stab at making a martini so I can explore the Martini Spread in just the right manner!

I can already tell how much fun I’ll have studying spreads from these cards, deciphering the faint text and graphics in the backgrounds and relating them to the cards’ messages. They’re fun on the surface, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Just looking at the cards takes me back to growing up in our little house in a Missouri farming community, with the smell of fresh cut grass tickling my nose and a Lake Wobegon story piping out of the radio on top of our avocado-green refrigerator. This may just become my need-a-dose-of-wooden-spoon deck for those times when I need a smack to get back in line (calling all Justice cards!!).


What is your personality? // 2 of Wands
What kind of readings are you best at giving? // 10 of Wands
What do you think of me? // The World

I try not to be too scattered, but instead prefer opportunities where actions are concerned and how to focus one’s energies. I’m best at giving readings in situations that may feel overwhelming, because I bring a fresh sense of humor to an otherwise frustrating possible outcome. You wanna cry on Mom’s shoulder? Ask me for help – I’ll get you to smile, guaranteed! And as for what I think about you? Well, I think the world of you… literally! You’ve got so many blessings in your life, but you’re human and we all have problems. I’m here to help with that, and remind you that you’ve got complete control over your own life and fate.

As Mom always says, you think you’ve got the world by the tail, and by golly… you just about do!

Deck Info:
ISBN: 978-1931686990
Designer(s), Artist(s): Paul Kepple, Jude Buffum
Publisher: Quirk Books (September 2, 2004)

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