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It’s coming out of my ears, there’s so much stuck in my head.

Have you ever immersed yourself so completely in something that you dream it, speak it, and maybe even hallucinate it? Well, that’s about where I am (except for the hallucinating. That would call for some serious medications, I do believe).

You see, my problem is that I’m doing my very best to learn the tarot. For a variety of reasons. And when I choose to learn something, too often I go overboard.

And it overflots.

(get it?!?  tar-oh? oh-ver-floh??)


I think I can best explain with an example. Well, shoot… how about today’s 3-card spread?

Queen of Cups rx / Justice / 8 of Wands

INITIAL Interp: I’m still concerned about the situation with a family member, but I feel more confident this morning and that I did the right thing by addressing it with him instead of waiting for someone else to initiate (which clearly wasn’t going to be done). I should take advantage of this feeling today to continue communicating clearly and effectively.

My life should now be filled with Joy and Perfection.

I’m still lovin’ me some Tarot Plain and Simple, which offers the following interps of these cards:

    • a fickle woman whose emotions cloud her judgment
    • restoration of harmony, a fair outcome
    • full steam ahead, the end of delays

If this were a PPF spread (or the Mood-Attitude-Advice variation on that from that I feel is more appropriate to a daily 3-card spread), then I’d venture that I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion and consternation that has affected my personal and work relationships (bingo!), but I’m feeling relieved now that I’ve had this chat (ding ding!), so I can now get on with my life and be happy once again (and we have ourselves a winner!).

My family’s lives should now be filled with Joy and Perfection.

Of course, I’ve always loved numbers so why not throw a little Numerology into the mix? After all, it’s supposed to deepen your understanding of the cards, right?

    • 13 + 11 + 8 = 32 = 5 = The Hierophant
    • tradition, the search for spiritual truth

Well… sure! I’m a traditional kinda gal. I like things my way, by golly – the way I’ve always done ‘em! – and now that I’m working through what’s been bothering me for entirely too long, I can get back to my daily ritual of doing whatever I want, whenever I want, the family be damned.

I’m getting the hang of this! Joy and Perfection!

Now, the book I’m currently reading is Tarot Dynamics by Anna Burroughs Cook (recent article on TarotElements.com; recent podcast on Beyond Worlds):

    • Card 38: emotional charisma: (rx) obvious unhappiness that pervades home and work
    • Card 11: balance: need to restore better balance in daily routine
    • Card 34: changeable renovation: expect the unexpected in life… and to be swept up

*deep breath* I’ve been depressed and it’s bled out into all of my personal interactions, but I acknowledge the fact that with attention to balance and fairness, the situation will pick up and move on (though perhaps without the microscopic attention to drama that I’ve been expecting/avoiding).

My head’s starting to hurt from all this Joy and Perfection.

Okeedokie. Still with me? Because I’m just a sucker for punishment… and because I love these blogs sooooo much, I decided last week to read all about Elemental Dignities on TarotElements.com and TarotEon.com before I even memorize and lock down the frakkin’ card meanings.

    • Water and Fire cancel each other out
    • only the Justice card applies

I know I need to balance my life better. Like, duh!

I need a nap.

Ooo: nap = Joy!

I fancy myself a writer on good days. Douglas Gibb of TarotEon.com proposed that reversed cards should be viewed as a sub-plot to the main story of the reading (as opposed to having their own unique meaning).

So if that’s the case, I could interpret this in a general sense for the day that I have made great, speedy progress in restoring harmony to my life, and this relates in particular to my emotional state centered on my family and home life.

My family’s lives are now back to normal.


So, I know I’m probably missing out on all sorts of other issues because my perspective is coming at this from one particular issue. But even with my tunnel vision, everything seems to lead to the same result. Is that me, directing it? Or is it true?

Or is it just those things popping out at me, that I need to see right now?

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