2009 SCWW conference prep

I’m finally getting geared up for this weekend’s SCWW conference in Myrtle Beach, which will be my 3rd year attending. I’m really excited about this year’s conference, not that I have huge expectations (oh, the horror!) but I’ve always returned refreshed and with renewed courage to continue down this path.

In 2007 I had a critique from author Patricia Sprinkle, and in 2008 my critique was from editor Charlotte Cook of Komenar Publishing. Both were precisely who I needed to meet with for the stage of my writing at those times. This year I’ve requested two critiques with literary agents, and I must admit I’m nervous about that. Not because I think either agent will jump all over Malice. I’m more nervous about wasting their time (or the perception of wasting their time). However, what’s done is done and I am looking forward to picking the brains of these nice ladies about submissions, revising and refining the writing, and in general getting their feedback.

Hopefully the critiques will be scheduled for earlier rather than later, so I won’t have butterflies all weekend.

I put together our chapter basket last night. The inventory of books alone is nearly $150. On top of that, one of our chapter members donated a still life oil painting ($175 value) and her friend donated a turquoise necklace/earring set ($60) that I WANT. I know the economy is in a slump and for most attendees, the cost of just coming to the conference may be all they can afford, but I do have high hopes for attracting a high bid. The winning chapter receives a scholarship to the 2010 conference, and that would be wonderful to offer to someone who couldn’t previously afford it.

To Do (still):

  • laundry (one more load for me, plus little one’s laundry so her gramma doesn’t think she has to buy another new wardrobe this weekend)
  • print copies of first 3 chapters of Still Life
  • add couple of skeleton character profiles from Muscadine Survivor to my binder in case I get to work on it during Friday’s character intensive workshop (fingers crossed!)

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