Coloring despite the lines

So I’m stuck right now with expanding upon the second act of my WIP. I need more twists, but coming up with plausible events that seem to appear out of nowhere for the reader is tough enough. Mapping it out, starting with one stepping stone before expanding to five, ten, ideas for how to make […]


Please God, help me to accept compassion in my life. Compassion with myself for feeling things that probably aren’t the smartest. Compassion with myself for wanting things that aren’t feasible right now. Compassion with myself for craving touch that likely leads to heartache. Compassion with myself for being open to love despite doubts. Compassion with […]

training wheels

The little one fell off her bike last summer. I was jogging with her along the quiet road behind my condo, and had just slipped ahead to encourage her to speed up. Seconds later I looked back in time to see her veer over the curb and into the street, where she and everything in […]